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Que Sera Sera (Cover)

Leeds, United Kingdom

Credit - Maria Alzamora

Just a few weeks ago something special happened. Leeds based artist Harry Orme released his rendition of the classic song 'Que Sera Sera'.

The backstory to this realse is one that filled me with questions as well as warmth. 'Orme' first learned this song when it was requested by the residents of a care home that he was playing in. Thereafter he found himself "obsessed" with the friction that lays in the roots of the lyrics. Stating that " we often think of this song as a big rousing singalong, but there's a sadness buried in the lyrics about the fact that you might never get the things you want, however hard you try" is something that the artist expresses within his interpretation of this piece.

"I wanted to write an arrangement that brought that sadder side of the song to the foreground - I tried to come up with a lush, dense fingerstyle guitar part along the lines of something Scott Matthews, Madison Cunningham or Christian Lee Hutson might play." - HARRY ORME

Upon listening to the piece I was moved by the tempo of guitar plucks initially but as the vocals of Orme came into play I was in conflict with the sadness that lay behind the vocals. Orme has completely captured the juxtaposition between the happiness of the words and the sadness through his interpretation.

The guitar plucks offer listeners an insight into the young and dreamlike state of a young mind whereas the way that the lyrics are vocally executed portrays the sadness of a conflicted and existential mind.

This interpretation brought me into a completely different mindset, my perception of this song will never be the same again. Surely this exactly what a cover of a previously released song should be. I'll conclude with one simple yet impactful word - Unforgetable. - TAMARA JENNA


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