Buzz Like Bees

Atlanta, United States

‘Buzz Like Bees’ by Hearts on Speed is dutifully rocky in the best of ways. It's a song to dance to, rock out to or cruise to and it's put together so well. - FREDDIE MCKEE

Never has a song been added to my library so fast, the guitar chime and the keys that open the song up were all I needed. The song builds on a well-loved and still very popular 00s sound and does so masterfully. With tones harking all the way back to the greats and doing them justice. So much so that we may have a new great among us, look out for Hearts on Speed.

The song opens with rocking drums and a guitar chord, simple and potent. The keys rattle in and the sound is made, somehow the culmination of these three instruments creates that perfect rock feeling. The bass and vocals join in and the band stands up in full force. The calming vocals carry such a melody and texture that it's spellbinding. All this before the chorus that rocks and it rocks hard. A real hair flinger, gets you moving and sticks in your mind like honey. ‘Buzz Like Bees’ needs your attention, you’ll want to be there when Hearts on Speed blow all the way up to the moon.