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Henry Aberson's "Green": An Eclectic Melody of Longing and Emotion

Henry Aberson's "Green":

For someone with as rich and eclectic a musical tapestry as Henry Aberson, creating a masterpiece is not just about melody—it's about weaving decades of musical evolution into one cohesive sound. Henry's vast journey through Rock, Blues, R&B, and Jazz has seen him immerse himself not just in the genres, but in the very essence of music. With a lifetime association with drums, musicians, and a spectrum of sounds, Aberson brings forth an ensemble of emotions in every track.

Central to his music is the groove, the feel, the vibe; everything else orbits this central core. This unwavering focus on rhythm has seen Aberson produce around 20 songs in just two years, with an admirable consistency of monthly releases. Earning features in blogs, radio, and making a mark in over 6,000 Spotify playlists, Aberson has managed to captivate audiences far and wide.

"Green," his latest offering, is a testament to his multifaceted musical expertise. The ensemble for the song includes:

  • Henry Aberson on drums, leading collaborations, and production

  • Korey Keys casting magic on the keys

  • Chris Campbell weaving tales on the guitar and collaborating

  • Nariah Taylor lending her soulful voice and penning poignant lyrics

  • Cortez Johnson setting the rhythm with his bass

Mixed by the renowned Derek Garten at the famed Prime Studio in Nashville, "Green" is not just a song; it's an emotion. The song's narrative is driven by the dual connotations of the color—jealousy and sickness. Nariah's lyrics poignantly capture the rawness of feeling left out by a partner, blending seamlessly with the undertones of Contemporary Soul, Neo-Soul, Classic Rock, Soft Rock, and more. The synergy of Henry's deep musical knowledge, combined with Nariah's heartfelt lyrics and the team's sheer talent, crafts a universal story of longing wrapped in a versatile sound palette.

As Aberson continues his journey in music, he promises not just songs, but experiences—ones that resonate with listeners, no matter their personal musical journey. So, whether you're a fan of Classic Soul, Funk Groove, or just someone seeking a melody that touches the soul, Henry Aberson's "Green" is a track that promises to stay with you, long after the music fades.



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