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Vienna, Austria

Credit - Funky Eye

‘Circe’ is a single from Herald K which acts as a warning. For any travelling to Aeaea, the island of the Sun Gods’ daughter, beware, she is a witch! She will turn men into beasts and cast you into torment… That’s what the Ancient Greek legend tells us anyway and it is recounted in wonderful form here in Herald K’s folk single. Making use of strings, plucked bass and accordion, the textures used in ‘Circe’ harken to a simpler time, but a dangerous one. A time of taverns, wandering merchants, sea dragons and walking giants. The track really captures that feeling, sitting in the candle-glow of an inn, listening to the band spin tall tales to a merry tune.

The song breathes itself to life, literally. Bass, guitar strums and a breath catch our ears as the beat begins and the melody sways. The vocals drop in fast, clear and tonal they climb the wall of sound and jump back down as they tell us the story of ‘Circe’ and her island. The instrumental gets wild, strings and accordions sing and bash as the vocals dip and dodge between them, keeping the melody at the centre of attention. Herald K has delivered a single that takes its inspiration not only into its lyrics but into its sounds and textures as well, resulting in a song that everyone will be a fan of, folk-heads especially. Pull up a stool, and listen to the wonderful tale, of ‘Circe’.


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