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HIP HOP, RAP & R&B - TOP 10 - 16/09/2022 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Sep 24, 2022


KIRI - Don't Make Me Lose


#KIRI makes her debut over at TJPL NEWS with her second single of the year entitled "Don't Make Me Lose". Written by Multi-awarded songwriter, composer, arranger and record producer, Jonathan Manalo, alongside Filipino singer-songwriter, Trisha Denise, this song has been given the extra sprinkle of magic by the vocal ability of #KIRI. The lyrics emphasise the frustrations of a struggling relationship giving a final warning about whether to salvage or end things. The piece is soothing and sexual offering listeners a really slick production that is full of 808s, and heavy bass in combination with EDM key synths during the hook! Merging the soulfulness of R&B with the catchiness of pop makes this a track that will blow your mind! Get it on repeat! What a talented team!



MIKALYN - Phases


Credit - MIKALYN -

Phases by Canadian artist #Mikalyn is a song that I came across by chance. The art of Spotify algorithms works wonders for some artists and THIS is a key example of that. #Phases is a dark pop song with elements of trap soul R&B. From the heaviness of the bass to the heartfelt vocals, #Phases is a song that I think a lot of people can relate to. Talks of emotional imbalances and holding onto memories marks the key theme of the piece. I can't wait to hear more!




Monrovia, United States

Credit - @_thecrustycrouton

#LuvInLA is a complete and utter... MASTERPIECE. Together, United States-based artists #DruLira and #Izya have combined their stunning vocal skills to create a piece that hits from the second you hit the play button. From the old-school hip-hop vibe to the new, this track offers sweet R&B vocals with hard-hitting rap skills to create a track that you will never get bored of. Old school vibes all around. This is a track that really grabbed me this week! Have a listen and show some love!



LIL‘ RUBIO - Bedder Together

Vienna, Austria

Lil' Rubio brings some serious sauce in his latest release. #Bedder together is a song about the sensual time of exploring the love of a partner when entering a new relationship. This is a true "honeymoon period" song, a sex playlist track for certain. The track rides on a trap drum loop whilst the artist sings sweet vocals over the top. This track is a real mood changer, an aphrodisiac, so make sure that you get your dose whilst you can! and if you're looking for your future doses, follow the artist for more!



PHORA - Find Hope

California, United States

Credit - Phora

#Phora is an artist that I've had my eyes and ears on for a long time. His music ranges from upbeat to lo-fi in a mix of hip-hop genius. His songwriting skills are second to none. His latest release #FindHope was released on the 2nd of September and marks one of his more lo-fi creations. Throughout the track, he urges listeners to fight through the darkness and to find hope. As inspirational as ever! Make sure that you check him out by having a little listen below and if #Phora is ya favourite this week make sure that you let us know by voting in the poll below!



GRABBZ - Toonies Loonies

Toronto, Canada

Coming in at Number 6 is the latest release from Candian rap artist #Grabbz with his latest release #TooniesLoonies. Hitting your soul instantly with its old school Hip-Hop gospel-inspired vocal chops and traditional Hip-Hop drum loop this piece guarantees to move you into a spiritual experience. The lyrics are an ode to Canada and the beat is a salute to good, soulful old-school Hip-Hop. I absolutely loved this one! The flow of the lyrics makes for a rememberable piece along with the instrumentation. This is a solid release for #Grabbz and I'm sure that you will love it!



YELGO7 - Dark Knight

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Diana Hernandez

Brooklyn-based rapper #Yelgo7 impressed me so much with his latest submissions! As a result, I had to include 2 of them here! #DarkKnight is a track that delves into darkness through talks of Batman and the Joker to express his mental demons. One thing that will intrigue listeners and captivate them throughout is the way that the instrumentation changes throughout the piece. From the upbeat funkiness in the opening to the sad emotional guitar plucks and even further into darkness through the use of heavy rock guitar strums and drum compositions this piece has a way of developing the instrumentation in line with the deeper and darker lyrical content that develops.



YELGO7 - Hala Bikom

Brooklyn, United States

#HalaBikom is the second submission from #Yelgo7 to make it into our Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B Top 10 this week. This time, marking the release of the best unofficial Qatar World Cup Anthem that I've heard so far! Mixing traditional Arabian strings and percussion with a modern beat acts as a way to unite the world in the name of football! Using both Arabian and English language in the lyrics is something that is hugely accessible to a mixed audience. This is a great track that will unite all into a chant! NUMBER 8 THIS WEEK! Have a listen!




Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles star #CushWallace makes another appearance after capturing our attention with his release #RealOnes. Now back and stronger than ever listeners are welcomed into the reality of his latest single entitled #THEJUICE. This is a piece that offers a dark trap production full of darkness and power. The lyrics rest on the bed of nightmares in an uneasy whirlwind of heavy 808s with talks of witchcraft and speaking in tongues. If you're into the darker side of Rap then this is a track for you to pay attention to! I love the way that the lyrics match the feel of the beat. This is a great piece that I will listen to time and time again!



LUKX - Sunny

Ramillies, Belgium

Belgium-based Hip-Hop/Pop artist #LUKX is back with his latest release #Sunny. This masterpiece holds the talent of a collection of artists including #Dad, #Polen, #Medok and #Jerem who work together flawlessly to create a track that is simply smooth, silky and sexy! This piece offers all sorts of sauce in a mix of French and English linguistics! The beat rests on smooth R&B guitar riffs, trap soul synths, sprinkles of bell synths and classic trap drum loops that provide the easiest listening experience. Definitely one of my favourite submissions this week!



NUMBER 1 - KIRI - Don't Make Me Lose

NUMBER 2 - LUKX – Sunny



NUMBER 5 - LIL‘ RUBIO - Bedder Together

NUMBER 6 - GRABBZ - Toonies Loonies

NUMBER 7 - YELGO7 - Dark Knight

NUMBER 8 - YELGO7 - Hala Bikom


NUMBER 10 - PHORA - Find Hope



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