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Holy Gloam's 'Used For Falling' - A Stellar Blend of Shoegaze and Indie Rock

Holy Gloam’s ‘Used For Falling’ is a single that takes the band's core sounds to another level. There is a cohesion here that sings, sending ripples of gold throughout the track. The band are on top form and it shows. ‘Used For Falling’ finds shoegaze and dumps in about half a pound of Foo for some heat then some 90s suave for some flavour. With drum rolls cutting the sharpness off the verses and a chorus that reaches for the clouds, it’s no wonder that Holy Gloam are making waves in the indie scene. This is a single you won’t forget easily. It’s powerful and it’s humble, and that is a winning combination.

As an introduction to the world of Holy Gloam, you won't find a better song. It puts across their soft side, the ooey gooey middle that lends so much heart to even their heaviest tracks. But it doesn’t disappoint in the rhythm department either. It lands in your lap like an asteroid still smouldering and you are hypnotised by it; by its crevasses, by the light it gives off and by the warmth of it. ‘Used For Falling’ is one heck of a single. Do yourself a favour and get yourself some Gloam!



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