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Richmond, VA, United States

Credit - Piper Strasel

There is a new indie power on the scene: Hotspit, a visceral and tonal hegemony of soulful rock. There’s influence from grunge, classic blues, modern rock and 90s hard rock and it all leads to a sweltering sound that is so savvy it makes you blush. Their song ‘Glass,’ off of their latest EP release ‘Memory of a Mirror Image,’ is a warm, open and human rock song that takes it slow, but slow doesn’t mean quiet. All at once the instrumental rises, sliding into a melody that will get stuck in your teeth. The vocals keep things chill. Harmonic and high, they glide through the colours of the song and guide you to bliss.

‘Glass’ from Hotspit went on my favourites list right away. With a tone and presence to match the greats, expect to see their name plastered on every festival lineup soon enough. One listen, and you can’t get enough.



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