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Milton Keynes, United States

The creamy melodics of Hounds Haul have to be tasted to be believed. The band’s single, ‘Odyssey,’ is a fantastical blend of modern sounds mixed with textures and tendencies of classic rock. It's punchy, it's wavy; it grabs you by the shoulders, French kisses you, and then throws you down a bottomless pit of metal. The chorus explodes with passion, guitars, cymbals and bass. Each instrument is played with heart, with mind, and with a human clarity that brings each sound up a notch. It's fantastic music, and it feels like it. On top of it all is a vocal tone that can power through a tornado, batting away flying debris with the help of the band. Hounds Haul work together, they create the sound they love unanimously, and it is tantalising.

‘Odyssey’ needs to be listened to. Add a new rock favourite to your repertoire and dip your toe into something awesome. A bigger sound has never been so indie.



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