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HUSH BEWLAY - Bring It Down


Bring It Down

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Hush Bewlay

Hush Bewlay is creating a sound that you absolutely need in your life. Their latest single, ‘Bring it Down,’ brings all of the flavours from 80s synth-pop into the modern day. It's bright, sharp in the percussive section and warm in the synth. The bass line runs deep below the vocals that strut, rather than walk, atop the bells and pads that lay out before them. The melody is catchy, picking up in the chorus and dropping to a conversational level in the verse. It's personal, it's cathartic, and it's just as good as it used to be.

‘Bring it Down’ covers so much ground. It hits that melancholy vibe near the start, you feel for it. But as the song goes on it lifts you up. Soon you are flying through purple clouds, looking down over glistening rooftops as you swish and sway above the rain. It's wonderfully deep and delectably simple. Hush Bewlay is onto something here, fingers crossed it doesn’t stop anytime soon. Smashing.



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