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Cincinnati, United States

Credit - Jake Hicks

‘Astrogirl’ is the newest single from ibbi Too Vicious, an up-and-coming pop/rock artist who is pushing the genre hard and fast. The single is alive, vibrant and full of lyrical and melodic phrases that switch it up and keep things fresh. Ever sit there and wish Post Malone put out some chillwave rock? Well, wish granted as ibbi Too Vicious harkens the same greats as Malone, but puts a new twist on the pop/rock sound that brings ‘Astrogirl’ ever closer to stoner rock, and it fits that ibbi sound to a T.

The song opens with some low-end and a slow-strummed electric guitar, it warms you up and gets you ready for the track ahead. It's big and you can feel it. The drums clack into action and the backing is complete.

It's full and it’s a mover, and as soon as the vocals set in it's a winner too. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song grows and changes. There are fast sections, quiet sections, instrumental moments and then there’s the chorus. It's catchy and it's brave and it has made ‘Astrogirl’ one hell of a single. No complaints, it’s a song that deserves all the praise it will receive. No one is going to be telling ibbi Too Vicious to “act like they’ve been here before” when the rocker vibe comes so naturally to them. Big things are coming, big things.


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