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Essex, NY, United States

Credit - Ilhan Beyazay

‘Captor’ from ICEBERG. A single that lives and dies as it sings to you. The sounds that have been captured here by ICEBERG are surreal. They lend themselves well to this neo-pop/rock sound that ‘Captor’ swims in. You can make out the instruments, the bass, the drums the synth. But they are changed, transformed. They have been bent, at the whim of ICEBERG, into something more than the sum of its parts. Guitars slide into synths, synths into lyrics, and percussion into the harmony that grows and grows as the song goes on. The result is a warm and inviting sound that highlights the vocal creativity of ICEBERG, the sound breathes, grows and falls, all before you, all in song.

When the song begins you are comfortable. You’ve been here before. The acoustic, its organic slips and slides - the vocal, confident, powerful, layered. When ‘Captor’ lifts off is where the magic is. It's vibrant, it's coarse and it demands attention. I would say the beat would make you dance, move, laugh. But I was too busy listening. The complexity on offer within the tones, the texture you can find in the vocals and the otherworldly harmonies that beef the sound up towards the end of the song are ensnaring. ICEBERG has whittled new pop into a sound that contains soul and heart. ‘Captor’ is addicting and unmissable.


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