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iies. Ignites the Music World with "Wings": A Fusion Masterpiece Set to Redefine Genre Boundaries

Artistic cover art for 'Wings' by iies.
Artistic cover art for 'Wings' by iies.
Denver's Visionary Ensemble Unleashes a Sonic Revolution, Merging Rock, Jazz, and Rap in a Trailblazing Single Ahead of Their Experimental Jazz Rap Debut Album

iies. arrive straight out of Denver with their latest explosion of fusion in the form of their latest single "Wings". The group labeled as a "visionary ensemble" take an innovative approach by blending the sensibilities of rock, jazz, rap, hip-hop, and blues. The result, showcases the band's unique ability to transcend traditional genre boundaries. As a precursor to their eagerly awaited debut experimental jazz rap album, "Wings" offers a tantalizing glimpse into the eclectic and immersive soundscapes that iies. is known by current fans and critiques.

The group, consists of Craig Northup II/iies. (lead vocals), Baz Gillen (drums), Killian Bertsch (piano), Aidan Roberts (guitar), and Jacob Montano (bass), iies. has cultivated a distinctive style through their commitment to improvisational music and memorable live performances. With a foundation in hip-hop, evidenced by past albums such as "Poetry in the Field" and "Rebirth," iies. now takes a turn to embark on a bold journey into experimental jazz rap. Jazz rap is a whole understated genre, and here is a classic yet unique example as to why this is the case. To poetically describe reality through music in a manner unprecedented in the industry, through "Wings", iies. merge the electrifying energy of rock with the speedy and attitude filled rap verses. As the piece plays on, the song transitions into slow jazz, rooted in soft the hi-hats, slick basslines, and the sprinkles of jazz piano. There isn't a band quite like iies. - The closest thing? Linkin Park & Jay-Z's Collision Course - but of course, with jazz thrown in!

If the future of iies. promises more releases like "Wings", I can hand on heart say that they are going to blow the music scene by storm. Thanks to the skillset shown in "Wings", iies. have justified their way into our Ones2Watch this week.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues, Jazz Rap, Experimental (General), Soul Rock, Rock Pop, Art Rock, Rap Rock

Mood: Innovative, Eclectic, Immersive, Poetic, Visionary, Harmonious

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