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IMLAZARUS - Same Old Song


Same Old Song

Minneapolis, United States

Credit - Allan Towne

Imlazarus is opening up the floodgates of his musicality with a belting track that screams creativity (literally). ‘Same Old Song’ is the title, but the same-old-song it certainly isn’t. Imlazarus has developed a wonderfully strange blend of rock, pop and polka stylings. In the back prowl folk predators, waiting to pounce and then, just when you least expect it, a metal scream juts out from the brush, ram horns, glowing eyes and all. It's a fun song, a light-hearted song, a mellow — let's chill out — kinda song. All of the instrumental is played wonderfully and the vocal is where the melody and power lie. It's got a hook that will stay in your head and a production that will have you scratching it.

‘Same Old Song’ is a wonderful debut, but I can’t help but wonder … what’s next? You can tell through the music that Imlazarus’s mind is far from done playing with our cochleae. But where oh where will this wondrous sound take us next? I’m hoping it gets heavy, and we borrow down to the black pits of rock! More, please!



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