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IN Kelly's 'Thought I Was Your Sidekick': The Dream Pop Anthem Norway Didn't Know It Needed!

Nesodden's Own Kjetil Rønningen Unveils His Heartfelt Odyssey with 'Under the Birch Tree'

Artwork for IN Kelly's single 'Thought I Was Your Sidekick'
Artwork for IN Kelly's single 'Thought I Was Your Sidekick'

Kjetil Rønningen, known artistically as IN Kelly, takes us straight to the heart with his latest single, "Thought I Was Your Sidekick. The release comes from the anticipated album 'Under the Birch Tree'. Emerging from the scenic tranquillity of Nesodden, Norway, IN Kelly crafts a narrative that resonates with the universal themes of companionship and personal revelation, all while steering clear of definitive interpretations to allow listeners their own exploratory experience.

This second solo release signifies a bold step into the realm of pop, interwoven with the dreamy mellow vibes that are characteristic of dream pop and indie rock. "Thought I was Your Sidekick" doesn't wait to kick in proving that it's here to be heard. Straight in it goes with its pop rock mix of energetic yet medium-velocity drumming and dreamy guitar soundscapes. The piece, inspired by the melodic mastery of The Smiths, The Cure, and The Strokes, nods to early 00s indie rock where the genres begin to transcend into pop. "Thought I Was Your Sidekick" manifests as a blend of poignant lyrics, ethereal melodies, and an undeniable charm. It feels like UK underground indie rock/soft rock back from the good old days. It's clean, calm yet busy.

IN Kelly's musical journey from age 13 strumming his first chords on an acoustic guitar to his formative years shows that he has honed his craft across various genres and collaborations. Now, as he takes to his solo venture, he brings forward a collection of songs that hark back to the rawness and authenticity of early songwriting days, yet he embraces modern production techniques and sounds. This is clear through the release of "Thought I Was Your Sidekick" through its combination of soft indie rock with elements of synth rock thrown in for mass effect.

The entire album, 'Under the Birch Tree', is a testament to Kjetil's multifaceted talents, serving as singer, instrumentalist, producer, and master of his creations. Recorded in the serene setting of his home studio in Nesodden, the album's production journey is a rapid yet refined process, culminating in a work that is as polished as it is personal.

Echoing the sentiments of our previous review, IN Kelly's music is an enthralling experience, reminiscent of a "dreamlike state" where listeners are "serenaded by silver music". Things haven't changed, but the sound continues to impress us as IN Kelly grows into his new sound.

Final thoughts? The indie rock of the early 00s such as The Strokes and The Kooks mixed with modern synth rock dreams of Coldplay.

Genres: Alt Rock, Pop, Dream Pop, Indie Rock, New Wave

Mood: Dreamy, Mellow, Reflective, Introspective

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