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Indie Rock's Radiant Beacon: Bright Tree Village Ignites 'The Spark' with Soul-stirring Intensity

Some songs are an honour to listen to. They hold within them a quality that feels so personal that it’s like you are peering into the soul of another. It’s a wondrous effect, and one that Bright Tree Village have pulled off to great effect in their latest single, ‘The Spark.’ It's got this coffee house rock vibe but with a bit more oomph behind the wheels. Okay, a lot more oomph. The layered harmonies give so much to the track which is all constructed around an acoustic guitar and a wonderful vocal. The single is heavenly because of it. The contrasting sounds come together to create one blissful tone that dances in the moonlight. It is one hell of a spectacle.

‘The Spark’ knows where its footholds are and makes scaling the mountain of Indie Rock look effortless. It twists in the bridge to show off even more colourful licks and chord movements. It pulls off to reset into a chorus that embeds itself into your mind, never to be forgotten. But what sets this song apart for me are the harmonies. They fly ever so high and barrel back down to the bass as fast as you hear them. They make the song feel diverse and layered, they turn simplicity into profound complexity. Bright Tree Village show in ‘The Spark’ that what we share is what makes us beautiful. A spark, a soul. We all have one, and we are all whole because of it.



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