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IRYS - Waiting Syndrome - LATEST RELEASE


Waiting Syndrome

Berlin, Germany

Credit - VI productions

Berlin-based singer-songwriter-producer, IRYS has been on our radar for a while now, consistently releasing chart-ready productions. Previously compared to the likes of Charli XCX and Lana Del Rey, IRYS steers closely towards the sound of dark pop.

If (like me) you love vocal samples then you’re in for a treat. The latest release from IRYS entitled ‘Waiting Syndrome’ starts with just that! A haunting vocal sample brings out an eerie yet seductive air to the piece just in time for the juxtaposed sweet vocals of IRYS. The lyrics are dark yet the song is sung in a sweet way. Never underestimate the power behind the mind of an artist like this!

IRYS states her inspiration behind her latest release:

"My own mind is my biggest cheerleader - and sometimes my biggest enemy. I have phases where I sabotage my progress by trusting the unproductive voice in my head. This is what 'Waiting Syndrome' is about - a state of agony caused by a battle between the two polar voices in my head!“ - IRYS

The song holds distant and revered vocal layers which rest somewhere in between the layers of drums and electronic synths.

Another brilliant release from IRYS – Make sure that you check her out!

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