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Is This The Most Honest Song Ever? The Mars McClanes' New Track Reveals a Dark Secret!

The Mars McClanes' "Until You Lose" Promo Art
The Mars McClanes' "Until You Lose" Promo Art

Discover how 'Until You Lose' confronts our deepest fears with face-melting guitars and raw emotion – it's the confession you never knew you needed.

I can happily say, with all my earthly confidence, that I am a wild Mars McClanes fan. The Mars McClanes turn out wild and free rock that spans all time, taking heavy influence from 80s and 90s post-rock and churning that into their modern sound. The Mars McClanes’ latest single, ‘Until You Lose,’ holds a passionate grungy nail in its sunken heart. The rock is bolted down and breaking free. The restraints snap and the guitar whips to life with a tone and a texture that is unlike anything else. It’s high, low, simple and elaborate. The bass and drums clack the sound in with brackets, harnessing its power, as the vocals saunter to add flavour by the bucket full.

‘Until You Lose’ is my favourite song The Mars McClanes have put out (though I am a self-diagnosed Grunge Head, shoot me), its textures and energy blend so well with that usual McClane weirdness. When the beat flips and the melody shoots down, the vocals follow with a dive of their own. The guitar gathers momentum and drops with longitudinal funk. It’s all so cohesive — rock from the hip. Hard and fast rock played at a leisurely pace. Against their other songs, it fits in; it holds their ideals in a tight right hand, leaving the left open to experiment and innovate. New sounds, new structures, new textures. It’s invigorating.

The Mars McClanes are continuing to hone a discography that showcases their wondrous scale and talent as a group. ‘Until You Lose’ proves them to be the versatile and punchy rock band you always knew you wanted and more. The verse is tight, the melody is catching like the cold and that chord progression is going to be buried with me. A wild turn from the norm in the best of ways. Rock done right done right. Fantastic.

Genres: Grunge, Post-Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative Rock

Moods: Passionate, Energetic, Cohesive, Innovative, Invigorating, Punchy, Versatile

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