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Isak's Island Returns: 'Someone I'd Recognise' - An Emotional Odyssey in Modern Folk Music

Isak’s Island are back with their latest single, ‘Someone I’d Recognise,’ a truly heartwarming modern folk track that takes its time to open up your heart. The instrumental is fluid and organic. The strings that find the melody do so with ease, it feels like you are listening to the inception of the song, a unique magical musical moment. The beat is subtle and works with the lighter instruments, never drowning them out, just giving them enough boost to be heard. The sounds swirl, they breathe, they flutter, and then it is time for the vocal. It comes in not as a powerful headstrong force, but as another instrument. It sits in that beloved Nick Drake place which many search for but never find. Isak’s Island, I am happy to say, has taken that sound and twisted it, evolved it, and made it suit the sounds of the single better than ever.

‘Someone I’d Recognise’ begins slowly and picks up. The lights, the seasons, the sounds; they all pass over you with glorious abandon. When it slows again, you realise it’s just you and the song, you and the vocal, you and those words. That’s when you begin to really feel it. Isak’s Island, for me, are at the forefront of modern folk. They aren’t blazing fast, they are focusing on the emotion and on telling stories. ‘Someone I’d Recognise’ is the epitome of that line of thinking and it is a tantalising listen because of it.



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