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Its Liam Andrews' 'Better (ft. Caroline)': A Brilliant Fusion of EDM and Soul-Stirring Vocals

‘Better (ft. Caroline)’ is an electronic single that displays a wonderful use of tone and harmony. The melody is there in the spotlight, EDM vibes rush through the track like a whirlwind. The brilliance of the main synth is beaten only by the stark brightness of the vocal track. Of course, this wonderful blending of visuals and sound can only come from Its Liam Andrews. The beat hits you hard, but never pushes the bass from its post. Together they build the base of the track, walking it slowly towards its zenith when the world sets on fire. The vocals power through the climb, chopping, dropping, shining, changing. They are the conductor, and they are on top form.

The peak approaches like a ship in the night, you don’t know that it’s hit you until it’s too late. The clash, the bark, the feel of the rhythm. Once everything is at max the energy washes through you, your nerves tingle and they hum in harmony. Its Liam Andrews has created yet another banging track that builds on its core foundation with creativity and style. ‘Better (ft. Caroline)’ feels like a classic. It’s simple at first glance but the deeper you go, the more facets you find, the more ideas you uncover, and the more colourful it gets. This is EDM as it is meant to be, this is music for everyone. A single you can’t help but dance to.



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