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Ivanmore's "Give it time" - A Soulful Journey Through Time

 Ivanmore "Give It Time" Cover Art
Ivanmore "Give It Time" Cover Art

Revisiting the Classics with a Modern Twist in Ivanmore's Latest Single

The music world has struck me as often dominated by fast-paced, electronically-driven tunes. Well, those are the ones that define what is deemed popular or not. Here I've found a gem by London-based singer/songwriter guitarist Ivanmore.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the table, his music resonates with the timeless quality of the past decades. Ivanmore, an intergenerational 'Old Soul', finds his muse in the diverse sounds of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, drawing inspiration from the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, and D'Angelo. The result is a musical concoction that is both nostalgic and innovative.

'Give it Time' is a testament to Ivanmore’s commitment to authenticity and soulful expression. In this release, Ivanmore deftly weaves together his vocal delivery with a reminiscence of the soul greats. The vocals here can truly be felt, carrying the weight and warmth of soul music’s golden era. The backing vocals complement this beautifully, adding a richness to the overall balance of the piece.

Instrumentally, 'Give it Time' stands out for its simplicity and elegance. The use of sensual sax tones and a repetitive yet engaging guitar composition harkens back to the roots of soul and jazz. The percussion, though understated, effectively anchors the track, providing a steady rhythm that guides the listener through the song's narrative journey. This musical arrangement creates a relaxing ambience that is reminiscent of a tranquil Sunday morning.

Ivanmore's 'Give it Time' is a rare gem in the contemporary music scene. It harks back to an era where music was truly felt from the soul, where each note carried a story, and every melody had a soul and every release had it's special place in the heart. This track, as well as a nod to the greats who have influenced Ivanmor; is a continuation of their legacy. 'Give it Time' stands out as a reminder of the enduring power of soulful music. It’s a track that doesn’t just demand to be heard – it deserves to be felt.

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