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Izzy Pingrey's 'flatline': A Funk-Infused Pop Rock Gem that Dazzles with Confidence

Izzy Pingrey is back with another hit on her hands, ‘flatline.’ This is a single that takes the pop rock core of Izzy Pingrey’s sound and adds some funk, some colourful flare. It pushes into the indie space reserved for soon-to-be-legends and it does so with confidence and poise. The guitars switch from some glitzy funk tones to the warm-bodied rock textures we’re used to in the chorus. The bass keeps the song moving keeps the ears perked, keeps things lively in the shallows. Then you come to the vocals. As usual, Izzy Pingrey nails it not only in flavour and tone but in clarity and personality. In a world saturated with talent, Izzy Pingrey sticks out with a natural and driven charm.

‘flatline’ gives you everything you want in the first 30 seconds. A true golden pop song. You know the throw, you’re in the rhythm, now where is that chorus? When it hits and the tone shifts back into that 90s fuelled pop texture you are shot into the stratosphere. It’s a devilish trick and one that works time and time again. Add to this some fantastic breaks and verses, that not only sound different but keep things interesting, and this is a song that will go down as a classic. It’s new, it’s honest, and it’s catchy as all heck. One of the best.



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