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J. I. Gassen's 'Banana Yellow Clouds': A Playful, Uplifting Indie Pop Adventure

J. I. Gassen delights with his song, ‘banana yellow clouds,’ an uplifting indie pop song that feels like bedroom indie mixed with classic doo-wop. I know, it sounds mad, and it is, but it is also a work of genius. The textures that show themselves are all playful, vibrant and golden. They send you back to your favourite summer surrounded by your favourite people. Soon the vocals join in. They cast no shadow for they are so bright, they line the walls with melody and stick it there with layers of harmony. The chorus explodes with colour, the contrast is pushed to the max. The whole thing feels like a lucid dream you never want to wake up from.

When ‘banana yellow clouds’ begins you are sucked down a rabbit hole of wonder. When it ends, and you come up for air, the world seems drab in comparison. Not to worry! I have found a solution to this problem. Play J. I. Gassen’s ‘banana yellow clouds’ on repeat, and you never have to leave. Splendid and diverse, a song to grow old to.



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