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J.JR's Debut Single "Last Line" is a Soulful Mix of Old and New

J.JR's Last Line Single Artwork

J.JR, a new solo project by Jake Meeking, recently released its debut single "Last Line," which is a perfect mix of old and new. Meeking, who is known for his band "Meeking," has collaborated with musicians from the South West UK, including members of Bite the Buffalo, The Heavy, and Luna Lake, to create this soulful track.

"Last Line" is a two-part song that starts on a darker and more soulful note, cryptically depicting the idea of dying. The second half of the song is about accepting death, reflecting on the inevitability of it all. The track draws influences from late 60s vibes and the grit of the 90s, creating a unique blend of sounds.

The band members, including Jake Meeking on songwriting, vocals, and guitars, Spencer Page on bass and piano, Dimitri Goneos on drums, and Stos Goneos on additional instrumentation and production, have come together after years of friendship and collaboration on various musical projects.

J.JR's main influences include artists such as RingoS, Brandon Boyd, John Lennon, Bjork, Thom York, and Mike Einziger, which can be heard in the unique sound of "Last Line." If you're a fan of soulful and experimental music, give "Last Line" a listen and dive into J.JR's unique sound.


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