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J. LOCK - On Deck


On Deck

Atlanta, United States

Credit - John Marq

J. Lock is new to the hip-hop/rap game. But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate him. His single, ‘On Deck,’ is a powerhouse of flow, with deep beats grounded in the ethos of pure and simple rap. J. Lock gets it, and he gets it to the core. The song is fast, with winding synths in the back and a classic production style. This song sounds like it came out of the height of 90s rap. When the true beat kicks in it's thick, sweaty, ready to work and get the job done. J. Lock doesn’t drop the ball, not for one syllable. The lyrics are scathing, witty, and hold a melody within them that rivals the greats.

‘On Deck’ (also featuring Madmarcc) is a true rap song. It takes the attitude of the moment and puts it on deeply through poetry and motion. The beat sends you all the way home with J. Lock’s groundbreaking form still ringing in your ears. Chills…



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