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Jack Austin's "GET AWAY": A Harmonious Escape from Toxicity

Cover Art for "GET AWAY": The cover art for Jack Austin's "GET AWAY"
Cover Art for "GET AWAY": The cover art for Jack Austin's "GET AWAY"
Jack Austin releases a mix of pop, rock, and indie in "GET AWAY," a single that champions personal health and liberation from toxic bonds.

Battle Creek's own Jack Austin, an acclaimed singer, performer, actor, and recording artist, introduces his latest musical narrative, "GET AWAY." Released on January 5, 2024, this single encapsulates Austin's journey in the performing arts and his versatile approach to songwriting.

"GET AWAY" is a melodic manifesto that artfully combines elements of pop, rock, indie, and even a touch of folk, creating a cohesive sound that tells a story of retreat and resilience. The song is a resonant reminder of the importance of stepping away from toxic relationships to protect one's mental and emotional health.

Having honed his skills in venues like the Tony award-winning 54 Below in New York City and collaborating with notable Broadway stars, Jack Austin brings a theatrical richness to his music. His ability to convey deep, relatable emotions through a blend of various musical styles has earned him a dedicated following, not just on stage but also on platforms like TikTok, where his musical theatre content has captivated over 75k followers and garnered 15 million views.

"GET AWAY" marks an anthem for those seeking liberation from the chains of negative influences. It's a testament to Jack Austin's ethos of embracing diverse sounds to craft a story that resonates on a personal level. As Jack himself puts it, "GET AWAY is about finding the courage to step back and heal, proving that sometimes, the strongest thing you can do is to choose yourself."

With "GET AWAY," Jack Austin continues to pave his unique path in the music industry, blending his background in performing arts with his passion for storytelling. This single is an invitation to listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, one note and one moment at a time. SUPERB.

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