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Into Me

New York City, United States

Jack Tracy is bringing back the vibes and tones of 80s funk pop with their latest single, ‘Into Me.’ It's a pop track, but with a lot more going on behind the scenes. At first, it feels minimalistic. A few synth bass sounds and high piano tones break the melody up into bitesize chunks. The percussion comes in slow and low and picks up as the vocals saunter in from the side. They are warm, confident, and command the song like a well-seasoned pro; but behind it all, a funk starts to rise. It blows through in the chorus and you’re taken away, back to the world of fros and flairs. You’re lost in the groove and you’re not mad about it in the slightest.

‘Into Me’ kept me listening all the way through. Something about how the vocals fit perfectly into the gaps made by the instrumental is hypnotising. ‘Into Me’ will catch you with its groove so fast it won’t even need a snare.