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Jaime Travezán Revives the Spirit of the '50s Exotica Genre with 'Guest Star'

Jaime Travezán's latest release, "Guest Star," is a brilliant and refreshing escape from the usual pop landscape, diving into a world rich with history and unique influences. A humble homage to Yma Sumac, the Queen of Exotica from the 1950s, this single brings back the splendor of an era filled with dazzling exotica music.

Produced by Travezán himself and recorded in Barcelona, "Guest Star" showcases the tantalizing vocals of JP, a longtime collaborator whom Travezán met in Peru several years ago. Together, they have crafted a sound inspired by legendary artists such as Yma Sumac, Klaus Nomi, Nina Hagen, and Lene Lovich.

The single's premise paints a vivid picture: As moonlight begins to shine, the first colonists camp in a jungle's heart, immersed in new sounds, anticipating a night filled with surprises. Seamlessly blending Lounge and House, "Guest Star" is a nocturnal and colorful track that evokes the exotica genre of the 1950s.

For those tired of autotuned pop music, Jaime Travezán offers a true alternative. "Guest Star" is a musical journey that encapsulates the spirit of a time gone by, with a modern twist that resonates today. Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of "Guest Star" and let Jaime Travezán take you on a unique auditory adventure that honors a rich cultural heritage.



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