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Jamie Bosanko's New Single, 'A Little Grace', Radiates Gritty Nostalgia & Deep Human Connection

‘A Little Grace’ by Jamie Bosanko is a new single which flies at you with strong colours, proud guitar tones and tonnes of grit. This is a single that speaks to that 90s mind, the mind struggling with the weight of the world. The changes are solemn, intense and bold; the mood soars with them as the melody takes hold. It’s a rock single that’s for sure; slow rock that we don’t see much anymore. Perhaps it is too emotional for the modern listener, but for me, it is impactful. There is a weight behind the words, the power comes from the heart, not the teeth. The glittering bass and the soft drums work to create a safe space as the vocals bleed before you, bandaged only by the rich guitar.

Jamie Bosanko has tapped into a place where only the greats get to go. His sound is eternal, it will always carry meaning as it speaks to the human condition, rather than those of our surroundings. When ‘A Little Grace’ begins to play you get a tightness in your heart, an inward plea for cathartic release. If you let your ears fall into the rhythms of the single, everything lets go. Jamie Bosanko puts a stoic wind behind the sails of this single and it works to connect the listener to a deeper well of emotion. A fantastically diverse track that sounds as if it is from the Age of Gold.



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