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Jane N’ The Jungle’s latest single, ‘Wasteland,’ boasts a stellar rock instrumental against some skyrocketing vocals. The track is buzzing with power from the very beginning and the oomph comes from all directions. The drums are thick and crisp. They slap down a beat and hit pushes and pulls with effortless form. The bass follows the groove, adding texture and depth while the guitar adds tone and importantly, attitude. When the stage is set and you have already been hypnotised by that belter of a riff, the vocals drop in and you are truly lost in the jungle. It’s got charm, character, and flavour; it rides the bleeding edge of the melody and when we hit the chorus, the Vox shoot up for a high note that will leave you breathless.

Wasteland’ hits hard out the gate and only gets stronger as it stampedes through the brush. One astounding bridge solo later and I’m hooked on tight. Jane N’ The Jungle’s ‘Wasteland’ is a single you do not want to miss.



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