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"Janguiar": Nathasha Rumbos Heats Up the Urban Latin Scene with a Sizzling Summer Anthem

Nathasha Rumbos is back with a bang, heating up the urban Latin scene with her fifth single, "Janguiar." Released just in time for summer, this sizzling track perfectly encapsulates the exhilaration of a well-deserved night out with friends after a busy week.

The song, which debuted to rapturous applause during Latin Grammy Music Week at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, perfectly mirrors the ebullient energy of a Miami beachside hangout.

There's no doubt that this song deserves a spot in our Ones2Watch! Fast and Furious 10 is missing out on a soundtrack here! There may still be time to grab ahold of this absolute belter in time for another Summer release. From the first beat it's clear as day that you will not remain in your seat so go hit play and hit repeat on this absolute bop but first, prepare yourselves for a transformation away from your everyday existence.



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