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JASMINE IS Brings Club-Moving Energy with 'Love of Money'

JASMINE IS pushes beat and rhythm to the core of their sound in, ‘Love of Money,’ an EDM track that pulses with club-moving energy. The beat hits you first, padded by those keys, that thick and warm melody that will follow us throughout. Then the vocals slide into play. So far, so simple. Catchy, get the hook involved and off you are, away to a good old dance track. But it doesn't stop there. The lights come up, soon you see a wide array of synths and a choir for some thick harmonies. The world spins, the chorus begins and you are sent twirling off into the colourful distance.

‘Love of Money’ rouses you to move. The beat, the melody, those synths. There is simply no stopping it. It’s fun, loud and punchy. JASMINE IS has produced a track that would feel at home alongside the greats on the dance floor.



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