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JAY ROECKER - A New Day For You


A New Day For You

Austin, United States

Credit - Evie McNeil

Synth is taking over. It floods the dance floor, EDM is king. The beats send waves through the shimmering pool of bells and keys. Vocals skip across the surface and carve melodies into the metallic waves. It is a sight that needs witnessing, and there is only one way to do that: get lost in the trance beat of Jay Roecker’s latest single, ‘A New Day For You.’ It takes all the best feelings and textures that synth can offer and blends them into one amazing track. The beat is moving, the colours are vibrant and the vocal is profound, taking risks that pay off time after time after time.

‘A New Day For You’ isn’t just another synth EDM track. It is more; it feels like humanity fighting back at the synth by using its own power against it. Create new sounds, discover new harmonies, and fight fire with fire. That is what happens when you listen to Jay Roecker. You witness a musical battle of the ages, and it is astounding.



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