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Jazz-Funk Fusion Perfection: Jason LaPierre & Kelsey Blackstone's 'When I'm With You'

The latest single from Jason LaPierre with Kelsey Blackstone comes at us with full-force jazz vibes. ‘When I’m With You’ reaches for the soul and finds it. The brass sections in the back, the climbing chords, the twinkling keys and that colourful percussion. Every single beat of the song has a purpose, nothing is there needlessly, all of the sounds fall together to create one massive musical medley that sucks you in and holds you there. You are suspended in the jazz fusion. That's when the vocals hit.

Kelsey Blackstone fires up the track. The vocals are smooth, clear, warm. They find harmonies in the brass, melodies between the bass line. They fall in time and break it for emphasis, all the while building us up to a mammoth chorus that splits and jives. The brass explodes, and the funk goes through the roof as the whole track dips into the beat.

‘When I’m With You’ fills some hefty boots. The modern jazz-funk fusion sound is blissful. A golden track that sparkles, double-time.


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