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Jenny Räisänen’s 'A Bird': A Soaring Symphony of Heart and Soul Transforming the Atmosphere of Sound

Jenny Räisänen’s latest single, ‘A Bird,’ takes harrowing tones and textures and turns them into something beautiful. There are strings and piano chords; they lay among one another and breathe silent breaths. The harmony builds between them and before long it is glowing with energy. The vocal steps in through a silken screen, glittering. High Vox cut through the clouds of sound, making way for subtle percussive swallows. It’s a beautiful and transformative sound. It takes you places. At first, you are at home, comfortable, but the high strings twist the image, the piano gives you motion and you find yourself gliding along planes of reality. Your only guiding light, ‘A Bird.’

The vocal prowess in this single is astounding. Though mainly consisting of three elements, these elements are so masterful that they form one cohesive sound, made solely to strengthen the vocal. It’s punchy, powerful and full of harmonies that will get your hair standing to attention. When the chorus hits and the song flows into a new shape, you almost don't notice the power at first. It arrives like a flash flood. First rain, then a harder patter. Now a tidal wave of sound. ‘A Bird’ is a single that isn’t afraid to show us its heart, and because of that it is completely enthralling.


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