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Bringing calming soul to the forefront of Christmas time comes JESABEL with their holiday single, ‘Christmas Mood’. It’s a slow and smooth shifting single of sublime tones and textures. Strings, bells and subtle percussion ring home a vocal performance that stands out amongst a festive crowd. It needn't shout, howl or growl the cheer in, it soothes the joy through the door with cooing melodies that walk subtly up and down the scales. The chorus builds slightly, but in pace rather than grandeur, alluding once again to a softer, calmer Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong though, ‘Christmas Mood’ by JESABEL is still a cracking tune. Its beats are heavy, locked into the groove of the bass, they take it slow, stopping by the new-lit houses on snowy streets to take in the vibe. The bells and strings sigh relief when the melody builds like they’ve been waiting all year for this moment, and when the vocal hits those missing harmonies it all comes together in a soul-bound-reef of Yule-Tide joy. It's thick, warm and creamy, what’s not to love? JESABEL’s single is miraculous addition to any holiday playlist, kick it down a notch, chill out, and really feel something. That’s what the ‘Christmas Mood’ is about after all.


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