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Jess Stewart's 'Crush': A Fierce Anthem of Unrequited Love and Female Rage!

The captivating cover art for Jess Stewart's single 'Crush'
The captivating cover art for Jess Stewart's single 'Crush'
Cambridge's Jess Stewart Mixes Dark Pop with Dance Beats in Her Latest Single, Sparking a Movement of Empowerment.

Jess Stewart, the emerging pop sensation from Cambridge, UK, dives into the tumultuous waves of new relationships with her latest single, 'Crush'. Fresh off release, today, this track is a raw portrayal of the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the early stages of love – the thrill of anticipation and the agony of being overlooked.

Drawing from a diverse palette of Dance Pop and Soul, Stewart infuses 'Crush' with her unique blend of musical influences, including stating that she takes inspiration from the powerhouse vocals of Ariana Grande, the lyrical depth of Caity Baser, and the soul-stirring melodies of Mimi Webb. 'Crush' is a bold declaration of female empowerment, a fitting release for International Women's Day.

Self-produced and self-written, Jess Stewart's journey in the music industry has been marked by an impressive trajectory of growth and recognition. Following the success of her initial singles, 'Rewrite Memories' and 'Twenties', and the viral hit 'Prince Charming (Went to Hell)', 'Crush' can bet to be another milestone in her career so far. In fact, we interviewed Jess for the release of 'Prince Charming (Went To Hell) back in December which you can read here.

This song, however, encapsulates the dark, gritty rage stemming from unrequited feelings and the frustration of being taken for granted, all while maintaining an engaging, danceable rhythm. 'Crush' captures the essence of Gen-Z's romantic dilemmas, embodying the conflict between longing for love's exhilarating beginnings and confronting the harsh reality of indifference. Stewart's work resonates with anyone who's navigated the delicate balance of wanting to be cherished without being exploited.

Genres: Commercial Pop, Pop, Vocal Dance

Mood: Empowering, Fierce, Energetic, Emotional

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