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Second Best

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Andy Denyer

Jewelia has arrived with a gust of harmonic sunshine pop. ‘Second Best’ is the newest single from Jewelia and it is a tremendous addition to their discography. With a luscious pop sound delivered through a bright curtain of piano, bass and acoustic guitar, ‘Second Best’ comes alive in moments. Jewelia showcases a vocal performance to look out for, utilising extremely modern harmonic arrangements as well as lyrics that are memorable and catchy. All of these traits together create one hell of a pop ballad. Sunday afternoon road trip anyone?

The song starts off as it means to continue, with bright piano and a smooth vocal melody that is so on point it feels angelic. The main vox breaks through the clouds and it is crisp, smooth and full of personality. In a world of pop where the vocal talent is focused on chops and fry, it is empowering to hear Jewelia put her best voice forward. It feels like hearing a friend sing, it just so happens that the friend has the vocal cords of a chart-topper. The song just builds and continues to layer upon creative ideas, peeling them away for textural variation and building into a chorus that is as catchy as it is uplifting.

‘Second Best’ is a song that we can all relate to, dance to, sing to and should most certainly all listen to. - FREDDIE MCKEE

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