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Joe Bygraves Unleashes Pop Beast with 'Someone Else'

When a song flies through your headphones at a million miles an hour and holds your attention the whole way, you know you are onto something special. Joe Bygraves has unleashed a pop beast with his latest single, ‘Someone Else.’ It takes that classic formula and flips it. The light arrives first, the song is bright and wondrous. Instead of getting dark, the contrast wanes and the song pitches ever brighter. The guitars strum with immense power, the percussion splashes with heat, all to keep up with that stellar vocal. It shifts whichever way it pleases, followed by homing harmonies that catch the emotion and bolster it. The bridge sets you up for a chorus that hits like a bull.

‘Someone Else’ finds ways to surprise you in a saturated pop market. For me, it was the humanity that you can feel in the lyrics. The person has not been lost behind the sound. Joe Bygraves is still there, still standing. Still singing like a star.



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