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Joel Rivendell's 'Touch' Breathes New Life into 80s Synth: A Time-Traveling Musical Masterpiece

Joel Rivendell is back, this time with: ‘Touch,’ a gritty 80s-inspired synth track that oozes style. The instrumental takes the centre stage, broken up sparsely with tickles of Vox. It’s instrumental, and there lies the power. From the get-go, the melody pulls you in. Its complex sections bounce from the bass to the upper synth to the highest of highs. Then they slink back down again. Nothing sits still, not even the colour of the sky; it shifts as the world below rattles to the infectious beat, the torrential rhythms.

‘Touch’ takes the 80s and pushes them forward 2000 years. Yes, that would still technically be the 80s, but you get my point. It feels like an extension of the 80s, a new wave of sounds that feel so connected to that time, but could never have been there. For me, that is where the name of the track comes into play. Joel Rivendell has given us a song that reaches back to the past and lays one musical finger on the heart of the 80s pop scene. It’s magic in sound.



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