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JOEY CAPO causes a Tsunami in latest EP #emocean




Calabasas, United States





Calabasas-based Singer, Songwriter, and Music Producer #JoeyCapo has released a 7 song EP that I cannot get enough of! Mixing a Pop and contemporary R&B style is far from a new concept but the owner of the TRÜ COLOURS Brand #JoeyCapo has taken the mix a step further by conceptualising each song on this project. Comparing our emotions and thoughts the ocean is a concept that drew me into curiosity like a tide. Did I mention the title of the EP? It's #Emocean - a clever wordplay of emotions and ocean. Everything about the branding of this project attracted my attention from the backstory to the name to the artwork. So, let's get into this track by track. #emocean opens with a track entitled 'ripple effect / current'. This song opens with the sound of waves and the electronic backdrop. The vocals are great in this piece - there are different flows just like the nature of the waves that they're aiming to portray. The lyrics "energy" "wave of emotion" "ripple effect", and "sink or swim" are used within the piece to secure the narrative. #seaside offers something similar through the initial sounds of the waves and seagulls. This track has a slightly different feel at the start - acoustic guitar takes over the production to offer something intimate before bringing in 808s and trap beats to create the basis for a soft emo-rap/pop production. I think that this piece works really well, it's very unique in the way that it combines a pop feel with emo-rap - the lyrics are well, emotional as you would expect but the tone sounds comforting rather than painful - this makes all the difference here to give it the potential for reaching fans of pop too! 'in the dust' is another gorgeous piece that merges contemporary R&B with pop and emo-rap trap beats. This reminds me of some of Justin Beiber's sounds vocally but even smoother! with a hint of Post Malone to the production. This is definitely a track to listen to! 'lonely' offers a collaborative track to listeners. Here #JoeyCapo collaborates with #JonCalvin to create a really catchy and smooth piece - again, a Justin Beiber sound stands out here. The lyrics are highly reflective - I'm cool with being lonely too, are you? If so, this piece will hit you. 'wanted it more' takes us into the second half of #emocean and there seems to be a darker turn - the ocean has something to rage about. 'wanted it more' opens with a darker feel through deep cinematic tones before introducing something completely unexpected! This project has entered the realm of rap which I LOVE! Mixing pop and rap is something that works really well here - the hook is catchy and the overall production shows a different side to #JoeyCapo. 'Body' slows things down again, I guess it's the calm after the storm? We hear the vulnerability of #JoeyCapo reappear through the intimacy of acoustic guitar plucks. As the piece progresses we can hear the introduction of subtle trap beats to create a Contemporary R&B feel - not to forget the rap verse! This is another great piece. 'blü moon' is highly reflective, intimate ,and autotuned - I can imagine this piece doing really well due to its lyrical content and gorgeous tones. I really enjoyed this EP and I think that you will too...Yeah, YOU! So click that little button below and let's help #JoeyCapo make waves!


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