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JORGE's "Entre Células" is a dreamer's dream


Entre Células

Lisboa, Portugal

Portuguese artist JORGE released his 8-track album "Entre Células" on the 1st of August this year. The total length of the album is just under 40 minutes and consists of the fusion of ambient, cinematic and relaxing sounds that transition between the genres of dream-pop and electronic experimentalism.

"Entre Células" was inspired by the likes of Brian Eno and Julianna Barwick amongst others. Describing his project JORGE stated the following: "I started to build a personal universe where atmospheric ambiences, flying electronics, granular experiences, meditative sounds have joined together seeking for new directions, aspiring to touch the untouchable, to reveal the invisible, the silence within."

Taking influence from the present moment and natural sounds, JORGE uses these factors to become more centred and focused in a world that he describes as being "out of control". The meaning behind the title of the project is to see that between two cells (Entre Células) there’s a vast universe.

"Pela Manhã" sets the tone of the album beautifully through the use of dream pop synths. These form a slow introduction and bed for the meditative samples to clutch onto. The piece grows in size and sound as it delves deeper into its duration.

"Sonhos Telúricos" offers a bubbly techno feel, almost industrial in sound. A dominant kick adds a thudding bass to the production before experimental synth sounds take over the beat. This composition acts as a super interesting journey through time and space.

"Para Onde Ir, Senão Aqui?" is a highly cinematic creation that swiftly builds within the minds and ears of listeners. The combination of choppy and elongated synth sounds makes this piece one that is full of awe and wonder. The initial drum loop borders on Hip-Hop and is later joined by an EDM-inspired drum loop. This is a moving performance by JORGE that comes to a dramatic end.

"A Vida Debaixo da Pele" teases at eerieness and offers an edginess to the overall project. This is a track that entices wonder within listeners. What is the story behind this creation? What are the visualisations that the artist seeks to invoke in his listeners? I love the questions that this instrumental draws out!

Entering the second half of the album with "Respira" was a smart move by the artist. There's a gorgeous repetitive nature within the lines of its manuscript that provide listeners with a hypnotic experience whilst distorting the world of experimentalism and lo-fi soundscapes.

"Olhares Sequenciais" makes use of velocity in bucketloads! The careful transitions of sounds and volume create a mix that is effective and captivating with a techno basis. This is another stand-out production by JORGE.

"Entre Duas Células, Cabe Um Universo" well where do I start here? If you could put a soundtrack to the emotions that you feel when staring at the stars then it would be this! "Entre Duas Células, Cabe Um Universo" will extract all of the bottled emotions of a dreamer. From the motivating drum progression to the scattered impulses of the synths, to the resting place of the main elements of the piece, this is well, a dreamer's dream that has been expressed through the use of no words at all.

"Quando a Noite Cai" concludes "Entre Células" in a way that leaves listeners dreaming of more. There's a haunting vocal performance here that is sure to have you questioning a few things. I definitely want to hear more from JORGE in the near future! This album is a truly impressive one.



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