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Josh Sky's 'Friends': A Stunning Dive into Modern Shoegaze and Funk

‘Friends’ is a stylishly modern indie shoegaze single from Josh Sky who lives up to his name by reaching towards the heavens. The single finds its flow in the first instant. The light pours from the vocal with a transcendent clarity. The stage is simple: drums, a little bass, some harmonised chords, and the lyrics. It catches you in a daze and the trick is set, now for the big finish. The melody flows into rapids and just as fast it finds a dazzling waterfall. The flurry of tone and overwhelming funky drop drag you along into the thick of the song and there really is no fighting it. It’s just too good.

Once Josh Sky wants you hooked … you are. The rest of the song plays with twisting harmonic ideas as well as shifting melodies that tip their hats to the chorus as they pass on by but always find a way to keep things fresh. The brilliance of the whole single is that it is over in a flash and you are left jamming to silence by yourself. Well, there is a nice simple way to remedy that — chuck the song on repeat and listen to its smooth chorus and thick bass as it digs in its heels and delivers a spectacular beat. ‘Friends’ is a delight and one I can recommend to all. Stunning.



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