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JOSHUA ZIGGY - Can't Go Back


Can't Go Back

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Joshua Ziggy

‘Can’t Go Back’ from Joshua Ziggy is an explosive and colourful indie rock single that rockets off into the stratosphere the instant it starts playing. It's wild, free, bright and harmonic. The guitar riff opens the hatch, the ground is already rumbling. Then without a moment to lose, blast off. The song rushes up, the vocals catching the melody in mid-air, spinning it into a song. The instrumental shifts and supports, a true band in motion. When the song is underway there’s no slowing it down; and with the scale of The Killers mixed with the textures and tones of Declan McKenna, there’s no hating it either.

Joshua Ziggy is making prominent waves. The sound coming out of this band and the songs that they are writing are beautifully grounded and headed for the stars. Give them a listen, you won’t regret it. ‘Can’t Go Back’ will be written on the walls of your dreams in no time.



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