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JSHELL - Haunted



New York, United States

Mix the classic vibes of old vampire flicks, heavy rock, pounding drums and face-melting solos and what do you get? That’s right, ‘Haunted’ by JShell. It's a rock track, through and through, but it is born of another. Big organs fill the space, thunder crashes in the back, a high laugh sets off the beat and it's a ghoulish, glamorous, hard rock sound. Themes aside, the song is a smashing tune. The chorus has a melody that lifts up the volume and the pace while the vocals power through and hit some amazing highs and harmonies. The verses dip down into a quieter register and the lyrics take us on a ride down rapids created by the hella funk bursting out of the bass.

JShell (alongside Karen Abrams, Fernando Chirinos and Sofie Jane) has blended setting and sound with tantalising efficiency. Nothing is lost to the other, you get the smashing rock track and you get that ‘Haunted’ feeling. Spooky, yet spectacular.



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