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Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg’s very own Julian Petrin has been in the game for a while. His release entitled ‘Embrace’ was originally welcomed in 2003 as part of the renowned compilation ‘Café Abstrait’. More recently, in 2020, the song was re-recorded and released once again with a fresh spin on things.

Petrin’s sound is a fusion of cinematics from the super edgy to the chilled out in nature – a splash of synth-wave rides throughout his works along with a leftfield contribution.

Bell synths echo throughout under a delayed effect along with a catchy funk-inspired bassline. On top of this, listeners are given a layer of string synths to create a relaxing and elongated feel to the piece. As each layer begins to build, listeners are left anticipating where the growth of these layers will lead.

Elements of futurism with a classical twist make for something special. The ongoing drum programming keeps its distance, just enough to carry the instrumentation through the tide.

‘Embrace’ is a highly interesting production that mixes a lot of genre influences into a coherent easy listen. Calming yet cinematic – energetic yet lowkey. There’s a whole universe to be explored by listeners here! - TAMARA JENNA


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