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JULIANO - Flowing River


Flowing River

Giessen, Germany

Juliano’s soothing and fascinating piano music is so raw that you can picture him sitting at the keys and playing every time that you listen in. It feels live, like Juliano is right there across the room, serenading you, confiding in you, painting you a picture or spinning you a tale through the bright and sometimes melancholy tones of his piano. ‘Flowing River,’ his latest single, feels like a journey, but not necessarily to arrive anywhere. The thrumming rhythm and glistening highs melt over the soothing melody in the middle to capture what it feels like to simply travel. Not to get anywhere, or to see anything but just to move; to expand and explore.

‘Flowing River’ sits close to your chest and creeps slowly away. Giving you enough time to let go but ultimately allowing you to be free. It's so emotionally bound that it builds a great sigh within you and then releases it. As always, listing to Juliano’s tracks is good for the mind. Take a moment and simply travel with, ‘Flowing River.’



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