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My Oh My

Palm Coast, United States

‘My Oh My’ from Justin Turk is a single that keeps on giving. It sits in pop rock, but never sits still. It pinches from country, folk, Americana, and 60s pop to bring about a sound that is definitively Justin Turk. It's an upbeat track, one that seats its catchy melody at the heart of the song. The instruments work to serve the beat. The vocals, high and mighty, skate above the guitars, keys and percussion like water on a stovetop. It's hot, it's new and it's vibrant. ‘My Oh My’ never slows down. It hits you with positivity from the moment you press play and it never gives up brightening your day.

Justin Turk has mastered the tone of a wondrous pop song. It's in the harmonies that he makes with his vocal tracks, the strum patterns and how they meld with the beat. No one aspect of the single steals the limelight, and that allows the whole track to rise to greatness.



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