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Little Bird

Cochrane, Canada

Credit - Sebastian Buzzalino

‘Little Bird’ from Justine Vandergrift is a country-folk gem. A single that smiles as it sings over chords that met in a bar on a moonlit night, laughing over drinks in the humid night air. It's a homely song, one that is so full of love it's nearly bursting at the seams. The emotionality is thick, but not overbearing. There’s enough room left for a stunning melody and some spine-tingling vocal harmonies.

The song begins — acoustic guitar with some slide off to the left. And wouldn’t you know it, but that’s about all you need for a great country song. Now, I admit, having a stunning voice like that of Justine Vandergrift does help. But if you have all three, a progression that warms the coffee in your mug and a sheet of lyrics that speak to the soul. If you get it all right … you may just end up with a country song as glorious as ‘Little Bird.’



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