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K I T - When We Say Goodbye - LATEST RELEASE


When We Say Goodbye

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Tame Impala meets Oasis meets Declan McKenna. That’s what I boiled it down to. Even then, Liverpool-based band K I T have carved themselves a sound so unique that it's hard to put any tag onto it. Their single, ‘When We Say Goodbye’ is a modern pop blast from start to finish. Rounded bass, acoustic textures and harmonic masterpieces, the song ebbs to funk and flows to rock in a seamless fashion that’s mesmerising. The tone in the vocals is apparent from the get-go and the whole sound comes together as one, it’s as if you’re watching a cloud of musical expression float by and it is spectacular.

The song opens up with a strong baseline and some modern synths. The sounds are familiar if you keep up with modern pop, but have never been used to this effect. They are layered in such a way that it almost hits the levels of big band or soul ensembles. The verse takes it down a notch and focuses on the crisp vocals which feel so close its intimate.

The chorus blows up with harmonies and a melody that could sit in the top ten no doubt about it. Keep an eye on K I T. It shouldn’t be hard, billboards are massive. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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