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K-SYRAN - Inappropriate - ALBUM REVIEW



Oslo, Norway

Now, if there's one thing I love after a long day it's Jazz! K-Syran along with jazz musicians, pianist; Gauthier Toux, saxophonist; Leon Phal, guitarist Syrian; Erwan Valazza, and a drummer; Axel Lussiez have brought something very special to my day! It's not only me who sees the shine of this album - the artist herself has stated that her latest album is in fact her favourite album! 'Inappropriate' is the title of this fifteen-track piece of magic.

'My Angel Tonight' brings those gorgeous jazz piano tones to the opening production. Damn. As K-Syran sings her silky whispered vocals to this song we hear elements of big band creep into the production bringing it into full force.

'Carefree Careless' is an intriguing creation. This song delves into an EDM soundscape through a dominant kick which is then accompanied by clicks. 'Careless Carefree' is a completely different production to the opening - K-Syran has gone from soft and sassy to deep and steady. I love this!

'Hudson River' has no genre boundary! Features of trap soul meet EDM in a song that is as upbeat as they come! - Almost weaving in and out of Drum and Bass territory. I've never heard so much versatility in one project before and at this point, I really hope to hear more from this artist! There isn't another artist quite like K-Syran.

'La' takes a dark turn through the use of immediate and haunting whispers. The opening line "I feel betrayed" sets the mood of the song imminently. This is a slow-burning, crippling distortion of emotions. With nothing more than a haunting expression of raw painstaking confession. The song makes a move into a dark pop production similar to that of London Grammar. What a track!

'Skin' begins with a choppy and slow opening working towards a dreamy yet cheerful production. The vocals of K-Syran are completely different in this song. The piece takes a turn towards a rock-infused piece that mingles with hints of jazz through luscious harmonies and little sprinkles of romantic guitar flicks.

'Don't Know Why' brings in a organ synth style whilst discussing the nature of the heart. Shortly into the track listeners are dazzled by a hint of funk from electric guitar and big band jazz from brass. This is such an interesting mix of pop, rock and jazz!

'You Don't Love Me No More' brings back the EDM vibe by the bucketload through its dominant electronic kick. K-Syran has completely dazzled me again by switching up her vocal style once again. Is there nothing this artist cannot do?

'Benedicta' lures listeners in with its slow opening of white noise/feedback sounds. A heartbeat is created by the drumming as the artist sings almost acapella in a whole universe of ghostly territory. The song is highly experimental, integrating pop, soft rock and jazz into its realm.

'Drama' rests on a bed of experimental dark pop and jazz. This song moves away from the conventional commercial style of music and towards the traditional experimentation of alternative artists. Here K-Syran wants to know "what's going on in your head" and the way that this piece creates juxtaposed elements grasps that concept perfectly.

'She' is my favourite song on this album by far! I love the fairy tale ballad style and theme to it and the way that it provides two perspectives, two contrasting voices that come together to unite. This is such an interesting piece indeed!

'Unforgettable' continues the romanticised side of this album by once again bringing another guest in to compliment her vocals. The song is a mixture of upbeat percussion and slow and sassy melodic. This is confusing but interesting!

'This is Not a Musical' makes a statement through its title alone by implying that the romanticism that was found in the last two songs is about to end. Although this piece definitely sticks to the jazz bar feel of the last few songs, the words take a darker turn lyrically whilst her vocals hold the tone and narrative of a fairy godmother.

'Mr Magic' may be the shortest track on the album, but it offers an integral part of the puzzle. K-Syran brings classic acoustic jazz into the equation with just her raw vocals and keys. The song is experimental, but magic, nonetheless.

'I'm Alive' keeps to the acoustic piano vibe that was present in 'Mr Magic' but offers even more experimentalism. The whole song is a universe of pure exploration. Unique, intriguing and expressional.

That leads us to the concluding song - 'Look at What You Have' is a slow burning shoegaze gem that concludes the album perfectly. The slowness of the drum rolls to the uplifting dreamscape of the lead guitar and beyond the sprinkles of keys all contribute to a song that truly sounds like a finale.

K-Syran has absolutely smashed this release in making an album that contains elements that only this artist could imagine! Superb!


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